Harmony– what is it? 

Harmony is a moment and an experience– it’s the warm honey of sunlight on your skin, it’s one of those showers where every thought is as fluid as the frigid water crashing all around, it’s the pleasant thrum of voices and a forest birds chirping and that keening pitch right at the peak of an orchestra.

Harmony is people–it’s those sisters next door who braid each other’s hair, it’s the way a baby calms down as soon as it enters the heaven of a mother’s arms, it’s you, me, here, now.

And harmony is colour– colour, which was confusing enough that Sir John Isaac Newton stuck a needle into his eye to try and understand it, colour, which Aristotle thought was a heavenly gift sent through the sun’s rays. It’s the way standing under the cornflower blue of a summer sky clears your mind, it’s that comforting earthy brown of soil and skin, it’s a white tiled floor that makes you feel as serene as it looks.

And so, dear reader, life manifests harmony as color, among a plethora of other things– what better way to express this than a poem? 

Gorgeous blue of the unfolding skies,

Blushing pink of the rose,

Sharp fresh emerald, blades of grass–

Yellow so bright, it almost glows.


Silken soft silver, courtesy of the night,

Fading away to glimmering gold,

Dawn is the conqueror- washing away pewter,

Dying it with light; rich and bold.


All these colors, the gifts of life,

Over your favourite one– you may fight,

But here’s a secret– they’re all imbued

In the absolute omniscience of white.


– Parignya Sanghvi, Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai


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