Michael Jackson is perhaps the one person whose impact on pop culture is so immense that it is unimaginable to think that it could ever come to an end. The culture that arose amongst the people during his time was one-of-a-kind. Michael Jackson or MJ, as he was fondly called by the public, rose to fame owing to his thrilling talent and his distinct style of songwriting, singing, choreography and fashion. Hailing from a musical family, he had been performing since the age of 4. Jackson started out as the lead singer of the band Jackson Five. The band was successful, yet Michael’s solo career went on to become one of the greatest careers of all time. Billie Jean, Thriller and Smooth Criminal are just some of his songs that have broken records and have gained worldwide recognition. He defied racial stereotypes and revolutionized the way music is enjoyed throughout the world. His death truly marked the end of an era. Michael Jackson might have passed away thirteen years ago, but it would not be wrong to say that his music lives on for him. He left a legacy so strong that it affects pop culture to this day– and will continue to for the decades to come.

Advaita Tyagi, Delhi Public School, Noida

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