Rant 1:

Things like biryani, keema, kabab are supposed to be non-vegetarian, it’s in their description. This is the same case with many other cuisines, for example, vegetarian lasagne. A lasagne is made from thin sheets of pasta, cheese and ragù, which is a meat-based sauce. Just because some people cannot eat meat, a vegetarian substitution has been made, but that’s not my main problem. The main problem is that there is no differentiation in the names of such dishes. Lasagne, kebabs, keema etc. are all indicative of the fact that they contain meat, yet their vegetarian alternatives are not differently titled, thereby diluting their very essence. The English language has many useless words like ‘tittle’ (the dot on top of the letter i) but does not have one for food items consumed by millions of people around the world.

Rant 2:

I also have a problem with food chains in India. Let me give you an example. If you order pizza, most of the time, the companies don’t use the specified amounts of toppings and cheese, just to save money. Recently, Krispy Kreme reduced the size of their doughnuts. Carls Jr. in MOI Noida removed their extra chilli sauce dispenser and started to offer a large meal instead of a smaller one with multiple refills to save on cost. On the brighter side, their cold drinks are properly chilled. The same cannot be said for cinema halls that fill their glasses with a lot of ice. In the end, all you get is flat soda.


– Sanidhya Mittal

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