First off, if you haven’t watched One Tree Hill, I highly advise you to drop your candy bar and spend your time on something worthy, which is very obviously, a television drama series.

I mean yes, knowing about the endocrine system and Newton’s Third Law is important but are you telling me Blair Waldorf is not to be placed over them? If you are, you might need a good swing on the head.

However, I’m a little more towards the ‘Brooke Davis’ side than ‘Serena Van Der Woodsen’ right now.

If you know who Ms Davis is that’s wonderful but if you don’t, picture her as:

Ah, Brooke Davis, Miss Popular, Head Cheerleader and all the High School clichés you could possibly come across. A stunning brunette whose comments as clever as her mother’s, she’s a character to stay for. Remember her ‘signature move”? Well, we can’t talk about that here, if you know what I mean. But if you don’t, it’s alright, just imagine a brunette with a red plastic cup in her hand, that’s Ms Davis for you.

Ah hold on there, but is that really? Could a gorgeous, high-headed cheerleader not have more to her than what catches the eye? So let me introduce my favourite character to you once again, Brooke Davis-


-Student Council President 


-A friend 

-A good daughter 

-Founder of a successful clothing line

-One of the strongest characters I’ve ever come across

-Too smart for a seventeen-year-old 


Now that’s how I see her!

When we see a character, we are so quick to judge them on what stereotype the movie labels them under, but there’s always and I say again, always, another side to them. A side they don’t like to show because they might have a certain reputation to uphold or whatever the case may be. 


In One Tree Hill itself, one can see several examples of this. Rachel Gatina was shown to be a heartless bully but ended up helping Brooke after all. Nathan was ruthless and reckless but changed for Haley.

We tend to focus on that singular personality trait that has been highlighted by the writer, but there’s so much more they hope for us to see. 


-Tarusha Singh, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon


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