If I were to review cinematography, I’d be dumbstruck, even though I would know what it would do to me. The concept to visually analyze and sense another conscience’s story keeps me ‘seated’.

The lessons I have learnt, the lives I have lived, the relativity I have felt, the heartbreaks I have seen, the miracles I have rejoiced have been more virtually true then actually true, in my own life. Not only is it so great to go out with your close ones and have a great time as a meal awaits you, but also to ‘sense’ the change over the years in the method of directions and concepts! I feel blessed to see before my eyes what I could have read. To read is a pleasure, to see it happen is quite another.

The vast multitude of genre and the uniqueness that movies bring along is no less than the number of genres music has. Each character, that one line, that time with your loved ones, just the concept of reminiscing the ‘other life’ you live; visually for a few hours, is perhaps, by all means, something that completes a part of me.


-Vaishant Thakur, Amity International School, Noida


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