Summed up in a line: Atmosphere

Memorable quote: OCHEDIN VALANNOR!

Genre: Survival Horror

Online: N/A

Open-world? No

Feels? Yes.

Platinum Hunt: Medium difficulty


Atmosphere. This game has an atmosphere—something most modern horror games lack. It’s not “oop, there’s a zombie, shooty it in its head and yay, we’re good”. It’s tense. It’s chilling. It’ll make you jump at sounds. It’ll make you want to NOT play it because of how terrifying it is.

Dead Space is the best horror game I’ve played, despite being released more than a decade ago, in 2008.



You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who’s been sent to a space mining colony aboard the USG Ishimura, a spaceship that’s gone completely silent. Upon reaching there, your ship is destroyed, and you find the residents of said USG Ishimura have turned into horrendous monsters—Necromorphs.