Who can give law to lovers when love itself is a higher law?

Is it really justifiable to be biased and judge people on the basis of what they do not have any control over?

This is what our so-called ‘smart set society’ with their ‘exceptional moral values’ has been doing for decades.

But is this really what a smart society is expected to do- questioning and humiliating people on the basis of the contrasting sexual preferences they have– to such an extent that they feel alienated or unaccepted by society?

Don’t they deserve the same freedom which the people of the professed ‘normal sexes’ are enjoying?

Aren’t they the citizens of the country?

Shouldn’t they too have the ability to freely admit their sexual preference and come out of the victimized category of LGBT- lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender to the even-handed category of LGBT-lovable, God-gifted, benevolent and triumphant (who have finally won the battle of love) group of society?

These people have been starving to get the answers to such questions and finally, it was their day when the Supreme Court stood up realising the desperate compulsion to answer to all these questions and, in fact ,preventing these questions from popping up ever in the future- by abolishing the section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

The years of harassment from their peers, living their life with utter fear to getting extreme shock treatments in order to become straight so that they are no longer humiliated in society has finally come, at least, to the edge of ending. Validated by legal support, these individuals will hopefully struggle to a lesser extent to hide their sexual preferences from their parents and public, as was common earlier. It is now hoped that those who are openly gay can move out in public without receiving negative stares or remarks on their sexuality.

The reality is that there is nothing wrong with the people of the LGBT community; there’s a lot wrong with the world we live in. No matter what gender, love is love and hence the power of love finally overthrows the absurd ‘belief of the society’ and gives the freedom to such people to love by all their heart without caring about ‘what people think’. Afterall gender preference doesn’t define you, it is your spirit that defines you because you don’t fall in love with the gender, you fall in love with the person.


~ Ishani Singh, IX-I, Amity International School, Noida


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