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Hello, fellow Whovians and interested readers. I’m here to take you on a journey of an absolutely amazing show called Doctor Who. * grabs you by the arm * “RUN!”. Doctor Who originally aired in 1963, yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, it got “over” in 1989.

But, in 2005, BBC re-started Doctor who! They picked up from where they left…well, more or less. It is still going on till this day.

The episodes that aired between 1963 and 1989 are referred to as ‘Classic Who’ and the new episodes are referred to as ‘New Who’.

But, what is Doctor Who about?

Doctor Who is about an alien from the planet of Gallifrey, who refers to himself as ‘The Doctor’ and thus when he introduces himself as The Doctor’, he is often greeted with the question:

No, sorry…It’s “Doctor Who?”
Now, the Doctor is a ‘Timelord’, a species that exist(ed)s on Gallifrey. He has a time machine called ‘The T.A.R.D.I.S’ which stands for: Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. He stole her. Now, the T.A.R.D.I.S has the capability to materialise. This means that she disappears and then re-appears in different places. She had the ability to disguise herself according to her surrounding environment and time. But, once the Doctor was travelling in a time where police boxes existed, and she got stuck as a blue-police call box.
WAIT, I forgot the most important thing! The T.A.R.D.I.S. is BIGGER on the inside!
Pretty cool, right?

Now, before you start watching this amazing show, there is something you must know…

Never apply logic to Doctor Who. I mean, take a look at this meme, can you possibly apply logic to it If you haven’t watched the show?

No, you don’t understand! This is Gold!

The Doctor travels with a companion (a human, usually) and they go to different planets, timelines, the past, the future and alternate universes.

His weapon is a screwdriver, called a sonic screwdriver. It doesn’t work on wood. He also has a piece of paper called ‘the psychic paper’ It shows the reader whatever the holder wants them to see.
Timelords have the ability to regenerate twelve times, this means that there will be thirteen incarnations of each Timelord.

Classic who left the Doctor at his eight regeneration after which, New who continue it with his ninth regeneration. As of present, The Doctor is over 1500 years old. Also, he gets younger with each regeneration.

We usually refer to all the Doctors as their regeneration number.
Christopher Eccleston played nine. He was Fantastic at it (Whovians will get it) He first appeared in the episode called ‘Rose’. In this episode, they fought against plastic mannequins who were converting all humans into mannequins. This is also the episode where he meets his first companion for New who, Rose Tyler. Rose Tyler is played by Billie Piper and she’s amazing! Rose is persistent, funny, lovable and the one who changed the Doctor. The Doctor was struggling with so much and she helped him. She was there for him. The Doctor was about to sacrifice himself, sending Rose to safety, but she came back and saved him instead.
In Season 1, they also met with an awesome time traveller called Jack Harkness. Jack, Jack, Jack…. Jack was just what we needed. Though the Doctor didn’t trust him at first, he soon proved to be trustworthy, amusing, loyal and a true friend of the Doctor. He may not have realised this, but Jack helped him even before The Doctor met him (kinda). He is portrayed by John Barrowman.

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Unfortunately, Christopher decided to leave the show after the first season.
Now, here’s a tradition; every time a new Doctor is introduced, the audience reacts to them negatively, but then soon they win our hearts and then we hate to see them go. *sobs uncontrollably*
Allons-y to the next season!
The second season introduced us to Ten, played by David Tennant. While Billie Piper was about to leave because Eccleston did, she didn’t. Why?

Billie and David are great friends and their friendship is what gives us life.
David Tennant was a HUGE Doctor Who fan as a kid. He even got into trouble at school because all of his essays revolved around Doctor Who.
David stayed on for Season 2, 3 and 4. David Tennant’s portrayal of the Doctor was so amazing and we fell in love with him the moment he said ‘Barcelona’. The way he showed strength, vulnerability, sadness, wearing his emotions on his sleeve and sometimes hiding them, no one could have done that. He truly understood the Doctor…He became the Doctor.

Rose was wary of him at first, wanting to have Nine back. But soon, she trusted him, so did we. She fell for him, so did we.
They trapped them in parallel universes in the season 2 finale: Doomsday. It was one of the most heart-breaking episodes ever written.
The doctor was then joined by another companion: Martha Jones. Martha was a doctor by profession and she first met the doctor because she discovered that he had 2 hearts…Oops, I forgot to mention this one teensy detail. Martha was wonderful and she fit right into the role. She was played by Freema Agyeman.
He travelled with Martha but continuously talked of Rose. With Martha, he even visited Shakespeare. At the end of season 3, Martha left the Doctor and The T.A.R.D.I.S. She later re-appeared in season 4 for some episodes. There, she started working for Torchwood, a secret organization which looked into matters concerning…aliens and other entities.

In season 4, we see a new companion, Donna Noble. Donna is loud, sassy, quirky, sarcastic and just, just BRILLIANT! Conversations with her are the best! She is portrayed by Catherine Tate. She is never afraid to speak her mind.

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She didn’t want to join the Doctor in his travels at first, but then she decided to investigate cases, hoping to run into him in one of them.
She thought that she wasn’t special, she wanted the adventure. In the end, the doctor had to erase her memories because of certain events that took place.
She was very important or, as Rose, who contacted her from the alternate universe, said:

Yes, Rose Tyler appeared in season 4 as well. She finally travelled to the universe where the doctor was and fought beside him. But, the season 4 finale, they were again separated. He goes back in time before he regenerates, just to see her once alongside his other companions. The doctor was to now regenerate. His goodbye was heart-breaking…

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In season 4 episode ‘Silence in the Library’, we are introduced to a woman named ‘River Song’. She seems to know everything about the doctor while he has no clue about who she is. When she realises that he doesn’t know her, she is shocked and sad. She sacrifices herself to save the doctor in this very episode, but not before revealing something to him. It appears as though she knows what his true name is.
River Song is portrayed by Alex Kingston. But, hush, I’m not going to explain the whole plotline of River Song because….

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Season 5 brings us Matt Smith as eleven. Eleven is so different and he really likes fish-fingers with custard. He loves wearing a fez and thinks that bow-ties are cool. He is cheery and happy, but also deeply hurt. He is the doctor who has to go back to war even though he didn’t want to.

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Matt Smith stays for Season 5, 6, and 7.
In Season 5 and 6, the companions are Rory and Amy Pond.
Amy Pond meets the doctor when she is a small girl. The doctor told her to wait for two seconds as his T.A.R.D.I.S. was on fire. When he comes back, twelve years have passed. Amy had been sent to many therapy sessions because of her “imaginary” friend. Amy is very quirky.
Rory is her now-husband. He works as a nurse at a hospital. He’s the very opposite of Amy. He’s soft and a bit awkward but loves Amy very much. He is brave and smart too.

Their adventures with the Doctor are amazing. The plot twists are always the best.
Amy is played by Karen Gillan while Rory is played by Arthur Darvill. Their friendship behind the scenes is just what we wanted.
Their story ends when they die in the series. Yet another heart-breaking moment.

13 Pages in Word and I still haven’t made a dent in what Doctor who really is! No, really. There are still 3 more seasons that I have to talk about, 2 more companions, another Doctor, and the new, to-be-doctor. We also have specials…I didn’t even talk about that and the characters and antagonists, the master UGH. Doctor Who is an amazing show and you should watch it. Really should.



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