“A week of sorrow is longer than a month of joy”

All of us have experienced this, haven’t we? Recall the times of a week of flu which seemed to never end and the month of summer vacation which flew past in an iota of a second.

It is obvious to all that a month is longer than a week. So time, here, deceives us. It does not play the role of a fixed quantity, a dimension. Thus, time has no dimension, though we do try to capture its essence in a clock. It is just another world: that which is without a beginning and without an end.

From all of the above, one may tend to believe that time is of no practical relevance. However, time is indeed of utmost importance. Time, the ultimate destroyer outlives all. No one, be it living or non-living has sufficed the ravages of time. They say that “time flies but leaves its shadow behind.”

And now I must end. It’s about time…



~Aviral Jain, Amity International School Noida



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