‘Are you a product?’ is a TED talk represented to you by Anushka and Vaishant who are part of the Amity Noida Ted Ed club. This talk is about beating stereotypes and fighting naysayers to prove your true worth. Terming somebody on the basis of stereotypes, social stature, background, job, marks– not me, not you, nobody can do that. This might be happening in your very classroom when a teacher calls a student a name such as a backbencher, class clown, football, and so on. Such terms, when used repetitively, brand people and put them into boxes.

But branding is for products not for humans! There are various forms of branding; when you flaunt your Nike shoes and other costly apparel, do you realise by flaunting them as you wear them you are just a billboard for Nike? Sure, wear them, but don’t disrespect the one who doesn’t have them or can’t afford them.

Branding is when a student sits at the back and on the basis of this fact, a teacher or fellow mates assume his/her academic level or even personality. Branding is when you nickname someone on the basis of how they look. But this world is not a history textbook and the people living in it aren’t key terms that you label, brand and define on a daily basis!

Nobody can tell you what you can achieve or what your limits are– sure, abide by the law, but limits of how far you can achieve are something only in your hands.

So ask yourself, ‘Am I a product?’ If not, don’t reduce yourself to one. Have the courage to defy narrow social expectations.

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The people in our talk:

Anushka Aggarwal- Studying in ninth, Anushka indulges in sports, writing and loves to speak. She has won several awards for her interests.

Vaishant – Studying in standard nine, Vaishant has a passion for karate and has gone to national level tournaments. He admires and writes poems. Besides, he loves to pray, meditate, and read whenever he can.



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