Teen Wolf, the hit fictitious “werewolf show” is unlike any other teen show, in fact, it can be and is viewed by teenagers and adults worldwide. The TV show is based on the movie Teen Wolf, but comparatively the show is way better (according to me, at least). Starring Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien (famous for Maze Runner ) as the protagonist and his best friend, and many more amazing actors, this lovely unforgettable show is written by Jeff Davis. The best part of the show is that it does not focus on the protagonist, Scott alone, but on each and every character. As seasons pass by, each character’s growth is shown at a personal level.

I, personally, love how the pack united every time, and rose and fell together; it’s something that can’t be expressed in words. Stiles and Lydia are one of the most popularly “shipped” characters worldwide, and their ship name is known as STYDIA, while the humorous Stiles keeps the show going and makes every viewer love him. With each season, by you can’t resist getting more and more attached to this wolf pack. The show has an amazingly awesome cinematography and the story is simply great, leaving millions awestruck.

The show is so widely viewed that it’s original featuring channel, MTV, says that a reprise is going to happen when they find a worthy cast. Currently, all the six seasons are out, the tears have been shed, many characters have come and gone…wait…what are you doing here? Go and watch it!

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