India’s education system is somewhat like a business. And this business, in the form of coaching classes, is multiplying like the poor in our country (quite literally). These coaching classes exist for almost all subjects, be it science, law, etc.


As always, the coaching classes for engineering and medical dominate the market. Students join these classes lest they miss out on good colleges, and thus won’t have a desirable future. This happens because the competitive examinations today are too intense, and result in the creation of a fear of not being able to clear them only through self-study. These classes promise an assured entry into good colleges and a bright future and thus are successful in luring parents as well as students to join them. All these classes do, is increase the pressure on students.


These coaching classes are creating people who are extremely nerdy and though they prove to be excellent in the field of their choice, they prove to be novices in the others, like general knowledge. I know this because I’m one of them. These classes, many-a-times, result in anxiety, depression and lowered self-esteem. This is mainly due to not performing good in the monthly or quarterly examinations. Again, I know this because I’ve gone through that phase. Further, they mainly promote rote learning, and that isn’t a good way to learn or understand something. These days, students have forgotten the benefit of studying on their own, thanks to the coaching classes. I believe that self-study works just as well, if not better, than tuitions and I’m going to prove this by giving an example-


I knew a girl, let’s call her A, who was extremely good in studies and used to score the most in science. Then, she went on to join an engineering coaching class from class 6th onwards. There was another guy, let’s call him B, who was also good and wasn’t that far behind her in studies. But he didn’t opt for any coaching class and studied for the various engineering examinations by himself. After the results came out, it was found that A didn’t get into any college, while on the other hand, B got into BITS, Pilani and various other prestigious colleges.


Even though the coaching classes have a lot of cons, nothing is ever entirely bad, is it?


These classes help put you in the habit of doing various difficult questions and also promote the concept of ‘hard work’. It also improves an individuals’ performance, set targets, reach goals, and identify solutions to all kinds of problems.


At least, it has done so for me.


I personally believe that these coaching institutes sell dreams and cash in on fears. The overabundance and seeming necessity of them clearly indicate the need for an overhaul of our education system and teaching methodology, which would alleviate the need for private classes beyond school.



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