by Vasudha Sudhinder

What are dreams in India?

Our dreams are bound by chains. We don’t realize the freedom we have until we want to fly. We don’t see the chains until then.

 -Siddhim Upadhyay

By Vasudha Sudhinder

Are woman too afraid to avail the freedom they deserve?

– An open-minded man
(Anika Chhabra)

I think being free means that we should be able to decide what is best for ourselves,and so I believe euthanasia and assisted suicide should be legal.


Why are we Orthodox?

 We are afraid to adapt to changes. We are afraid to think, to think in all possible ways. We readily accept what is told to us, which inhibits the freedom of our mind.
 -Anika Chhabra

By Shashwat Singh 9-L

‘A child is meant to learn not earn. Give young kids freedom from a life of work and labour, let them enjoy their childhood and receive an education in school. This Independence Day, when you see a child slogging to serve snacks at your locality’s flag hoisting, think about their freedom as well.
  I like this!