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General SUBMISSION Information

Every alternate month, we release a new, exciting, relevant theme to inspire and push you creatively.

On this theme, you may submit the following. All submissions have to be emailed to


  • stories- short or long
  • poetry
  • articles
  • opinion pieces
  • reviews
  • essays
  • journal entries
  • open letters
  • epigrams
  • songs



  • digital artwork
  • sketches
  • paintings
  • graphics
  • comic strips

Note: For non-digital art, please scan or take a high-resolution image. Please include a short description of your thought-process while creating the piece of art, or a few lines about what the piece represents. This may or may not be included when the artwork is published. You do not have to disclose the exact meaning behind your art, but simply help the viewer engage with your piece. 



  • photographs
  • films
  • music
  • videos


Reviews and Critiques

  • video games
  • TV shows
  • books
  • films
  • music



  • interviews
  • business ideas
  • reflections on research findings- whether original or external
  • anything, really


All submissions must include:

  • a title
  • your full name, unless you wish to remain anonymous
  • the name of your school
  • a brief description of your artwork, if submitting art

While the above list is quite comprehensive, you are welcome to submit content that does not fit into any of these boxes. It is our constant endeavour to facilitate and give space to original thought and expression, no matter the form or shape it assumes.

You may submit as many pieces as you like for each issue. We encourage you to submit entries related to at least some aspect of the theme, even if not explicitly or apparently on it. However, you may submit unrelated content as well.


Simultaneous Submissions and Previously Published Work

Although we accept simultaneous or previously published submissions, we highly recommend that you use our themes as a means to push yourself out of your comfort zone – to experiment and create something new. Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to ensure that publication on the Reflections Magazine will not violate another publication’s copyright guidelines.

To be certain your work is presented in the best and safest way it can be:–

  1. Simultaneous submissions must be seen on Reflections first, or they will be rejected (personal blogs may be an exception to this).
  2. The team must be clearly informed the submission is simultaneous or has been previously published, in a message supplemented with the name and details of the other publication.
  3. The submission to the other publication must not be under the name of the Reflections issue you are submitting for.


Please make sure you send your work before the deadline for an issue. We don’t like deadlines either, but they have to be in place! The details of each month’s submissions will be updated in multiple places, including our social media pages (links below), your inbox if you’re subscribed, as well as this website.

To ask further questions and send in your contributions, email:

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