Joyful Embrace


All other emotions drain away, your mind is drugged on its hormones. Sadness and moroseness are shown away without much fanfare, and you finally rest easy with a steady outlook. Your eyes start to twinkle, the morning air brushes warm and the weather feels perfect as the morning showers draw to a close. Yet, there is no reason whatsoever, but for some reason, you see the dew drops glistening on the grass stalks and a pale rainbow shifting the sunlight in the sky, a warm smile slowly curves itself into existence, and in complete silence, you embrace joy and hope as long lost friends. 


Ears Under Water


You hold your breath in deep angst, yet with familiar control. Slowly the feet bob out of the deep and the neck sinks into blue, the ears dip below the waterline. All sensations and stimuli are lost, yet you become aware of everything. As your eyes close, and silence whispers into your ears to calm down and take a deep breath, yet that very action beckons the permanence of silence itself, in the grasp of the deep blue as it gradients to black. 


Orange Night Skies


Mist hangs in the air as nature holds its breath, the very Earth seems to stop. A storm brews not so far away, the park squirrels already scurrying to shelter, the trees frozen in motion. The neighborhood kitten joins you in staring at the sky, as in that moment, everything thing seems quiet and perfect, and solitude is achieved. In the soft grasp of silence, solace is found. 


Getting Up and Falling Over


The body goes into chaos as the mind and brain empty each other of praise. There is no future, there is no second chance, no getting up again, no reroll of the dice, no follow-on bets, only the deafening silence of the abject and absolute failure as it drowns you and sinks you fathoms deep. Its tendrils grab your legs, your arms, and your spirit and rip away any semblance of noise and activity. It gets harder and stiffer each time to get up, but now, the fight is over. You lay with your head heavy, ambition trimmed and dreams crushed, utterly wasted, with nothing but the silence of your failure ringing in your ears. 


How do I say Goodbye?


Forlorn and unforgiving eyes stare at each other, far beyond the physical realm into the merry past they shared. Into memories of laughter, cries, fights, and embraces in companionship. The eyes stare beyond into the void and feel the silence the absence will prove to deepen, as the devoid and bespoke looks during a long farewell silence the very heartbeat of our souls. We are left wishing it is short to see you again, yet we can never be sure with the silence of separation as two seeds of the same pod are planted lifetimes away. 


You were supposed to come back 


Dawn breaks slowly, yet the mind is forever stuck in the last memory of them. That feeling of sheer grief and outrage silences all other emotions. There is no universe, no light, no sound, and no humans, only the last time you saw that smile as you looked back at them. You are taking with you your laughter into the afterlife, and leaving them with forever and fervent silence, being stuck in that black and white screen of face. 

-Praneel Dev, Amity International School, Noida


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