Stop running from yourself. You can’t escape the inevitable.

She stared back wordlessly into those empty eyes, eyes that betrayed nothing. Yet, she knew it was a matter of seconds. Just a few agonizing moments of time, until everything would unleash. Until each inch of her mind would lay naked and bare, and all the feigned silence would come crashing down like a boulder. 

If she so desired.


She stared. Her own reflection seemed to mock her.

What is it that you have been hiding? Are you playing hide and seek with your mind?

She wished it were that simple. She stood motionless, held captive by her own thoughts.


She willed her mind to stay silent. Confrontation wasn’t always the key.

You can save yourself this anguish, you know.

The silence was just starting to make its way through- into the darkest corners of her being.


 Her inner turmoil threatened to surface. Fighting hard against the invisible walls created by her mind.

Same cycle every single day. You have the power to get out of this.

She clenched her fists spasmodically. She was not falling prey to this.


She could sense the reflection losing hope. It was about time.

Don’t waste this moment again. You have a chance.

Just a second longer, and this would be over. Just a second longer…

…One last chance.




All that was left. Silence. Bleeding through her ears. Soaking her mind, her soul, her body.

She looked at herself one last time in the mirror.

“There are some things, some thoughts, best left untouched.”

– Ishita Gupta, Amity International School, Noida


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