We made a forever promise, under the blossom tree

Weren’t ready for the storm we couldn’t foresee


Spent ages without love, spent days dreaming of you

So unfortunate to find peace, and be parted so soon

My fantasies get vague, as we enter monsoon

Yet I remember your ocean eyes every time I gaze into the blue


The keen blade, a sweet kiss, but one forbidden

Wouldn’t dare choose a life, without a love so exorbitant


In a pool of tears, the satin stained with sorrow

I wake up each morning, yearn to hear your voice

Hope the warmth gives me a reason to rejoice

Alas! The vacancy seeps in, my heart now shallow


The stellar sky seems to taunt me, with the moon and its stars

Reminds me of our situation now, meant to be together, yet so far


Pandemonium broke loose as the sun rose high

Fright evident in the air, as we hear thunder strike

Bodies shivering and trembling, kids and adults alike

I run for shelter, when I see smoke in the sky


Coincident or not, I find myself in the same place, we met one fall

I find your eyes in the sea of chaos, my body ran to yours, almost by default


We crashed like a violent wave to the shore

Held on for dear life, found solace in war

Unwilling to let go, the crowd tore us apart

I felt a string being pulled from my heart


Couldn’t help, but see my reflection, in the mirror of your eye

I was captivated by your presence, enough to make me forget, we were to die


I see you smile at me the way you used to

Like you had not a worry in the world

I recall all the memories we had, me and you

As the people around us whirled


We were meant to be, not meant to last, but we perished together

Finally found each other’s company, just six feet under.

– Aadya Handa, Delhi Public School, Noida

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