In the diner,

We were all alone.

Looking at each other

From the far side of the table.


The red color walls,

And the black and white tiles;

Radio songs and

The background noise.


In a small, tiny village

Just outside of Nebraska.

It wasn’t the first time

I had seen your face.


But that spurring silence…

My teenage heart embraced.


You came up to me

And we shared a milkshake–

That was the last time I saw you.


But all these years,

From motel rooms

To expensive cars,


With a husband and a daughter,

My heart still races at your name.

I remember your face and your fluffy hair,

Your goofy personality and your bad boy flair.


All the things I imagined, in the comfort of my bed

Hugging my pillow, I felt your cologne smell.


It’s like you never left my heart

All these years.

Just outside of Nebraska

I can still see your face.

– Avni Jain, Amity International School, Noida

  I like this!

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