What separates us? Do you think it is our words that play a monopoly over us? Or is it the bestrewed silence that lurks in our conversations? Your face, your voice, your smell, your presence, all of it incessantly flashes in my mind. It’s like it never leaves. A paradise undiscovered, untouched.

You often remind me of a thousand dragonflies. Their plump eyes, long spread-out wings, body like a necklace of a thousand beads, woven altogether; I like to think that you’re somewhat the same, adorned by all those little things we never notice when life passes us by. Moments of nostalgia festooned and kept aside; and the ones we abandon too soon. You’re a diary too full of them. It’s funny how you taught me love, loss, pain, healing, all in a lifetime.

Avni Jain, Amity International School, Noida

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