“It’s comforting to know that there is one relationship I’ll hold on to for life.”


Rosemary? Or is that Thyme?

My feet lead up to the stove.

I hold my hair back, take a big sniff,

And roll my eyes with the content I behove.


I’m stranded on this rainy night,

Yet my skillet & I don’t need a third.

We have a few laughs, create wonders,

The crackle, the sizzle, that’s all that deserves to be heard.


This Sunday morning seems especially blue,

My hunched shoulders and tired eyes suit the frown.

Wait- Cinnamon or is that Nutmeg?

Who knew my neighbour’s burnt cooking could turn the frown upside-down?


I hush my footsteps at midnight,

As I heard my oven call out my name.

Those 2:00 am cookies taste different.

It’s like a warm hug fixing the maim.


I strum for love and tiptoe around life,

As I wait for my happiness to be at its prime.

For that, sometimes all I gotta ask is,

Rosemary? Or is that Thyme?


–  Tanvi Kamra,  Lotus Valley International School, Noida


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