To my body,

I write this letter to you as a token of my gratitude. Countless times I have berated you, taken you down simply because you didn’t look “perfect enough”. Acne scars. Stretch marks. Love handles. You were adorned with all the marks I hate.

Every look in the mirror felt wrong. Never pretty enough, never skinny enough, never tall enough. Imperfect was what I ‘endearingly’ called you.

You still bore every scar. Every wound I soaked into you as an incident of my misery, you still bore in with every bit of strength. You guarded me against my misery.

You stood strong in winters, summers, drought, and heavy rains alike. It is because of you that I am a living, breathing entity, channelling thought into action.

Chastising you was unwise because you have given me something far more special than that glamorised media face. You’ve provided me with a healthy and able body.

With your agility, I reach for the stars in the sky. Your robustness gives me solid grounding. Your virility makes me evergreen and ready. Ready for an adventure that is bigger than me. Ready for wounds I must learn to endure in bigger battles. Ready to soar.

This is a letter of gratitude to you, dear body. You are not some mere imperfect being who lives out the purpose of being a product. You are the retelling of my mother’s history. You have given me health and abundance, and for those, I am ever grateful.

For health is the ultimate power. For this inner pool of power, for able eyes that can sense every colour the ‘scape offers. For able ears that resound my grandmother’s voice. For hands that can feel the soft touch of rain.

Thank you.

With love,



– Anvii Mishra, Lotus Valley International School, Noida

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