Trigger Warning: The following poem contains content about depression and entails it in a distressing manner. Reader discretion is advised.

I’m drowning in cold waters,
I’m facing my heart’s slaughter.
I’m destroying my own self,
I’m giving up, please help.

I’m pounding on the wooden door,
I’m running, scared of anything four.
I’m hiding in a deathly home,
I’m giving up, I’m alone.

I’m feeling weak and tortured,
I’m witnessing my deadliest horrors.
I’m screaming in unseen anguish,
I’m giving up, I’m languished.

I’m drinking blood, my very own,
I’m diving deeper into the dark unknown.
I’m walking down a callous lane,
I’m giving up, I’m in too much pain.

I’m giving up…

If you find yourself relating to the above poem, please consider seeking professional help on an urgent basis. Please consider contacting any of the lines provided below if you are unable to find a specific professional. If you are from a different country, we recommend dialling your respective mental health and related helplines as soon as possible.

KIRAN Mental Health Helpline (India) – 1800-599-0019

MoHFW Psychosocial Helpline (India) –  08046110007 (with dedicated line for frontline workers on option 5)

– Ishita Gupta, Amity International School, Noida




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