The chirping of birds woke me

The faraway sound of crashing waves

And the buzzing of bees


Camping was the best idea I’ve had in a while

Surrounded by the music of earth

I can’t help but smile


Guided by the sound of water trickling in a stream

I start my day and set out to explore

My path illuminated by sun beams


The leaves rustle as I brush past them

Finding clear spots

And planting hemp


It’s not long before I stop for lunch

Wild berries, an explosion of flavour

I grab some from a branch


After lunch I set out once more

I marvel at the music around me

The hyenas laugh and the lions roar


I walk and walk till I reach a lake

I hear the croaking of bullfrogs

As I laze around and take a break


Soon after it begins to rain

The animals splash around

The droplets were away a hard day’s pain


Finally, I find a place to pitch my tent

The crickets around me bathed in petrichor

I drift off to a blissful sleep, completely spent


– Vrinda Rastogi, Amity International School, Noida



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