The little colleen looked up at her mother,

Asking if the bad men were at it again.

The world shook as the matriarch pondered upon her sins,

Apologizing, for her ignorance was the bane.


How could she explain to her,

That they were the bad men slowly wearing away the soil.

How could she tell her,

That the lofty peaks won’t agree to stop the toil.


The worshippers are hypocrites,

When they express their gratitude to the land.

If they did,

They wouldn’t let the world slip out of their grasp like sand.


Facing the facts we must realize,

That neither the quaking crust nor the flooding ocean will now accept our prayers.

Sorry Greta,

But neither the posters nor the long hour speeches can now save our heirs.


– Tanvi Kamra, Lotus Valley International School, Noida


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