From Chaos, you were born, and from the void within you gave life. You gave birth to the Sky, the Sea and the Mountains, but he trapped your children inside you. He bound you to your fertility, he pained you for your power, so you convinced Time to be his end.

But Time was cruel and merciless and demanded his offspring as the sacrifice for his reign. Creation and life could not be stopped. And you were the mother of all living beings. Who knew better than you? So, you helped your blood remind the others of that. You raised them, so they could raze those who stood in nature’s way.

But you were still a mother, and they banished your children. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Your tools of hope had forgotten you, again and again, so you birthed weapons that wouldn’t. You gave the world monsters bent on destruction. You nurtured them all, nourished and protected them. But they all underestimated you and took you for granted.

They forgot they had come from you, and you gave them everything they had. They were the pawns that you controlled and manipulated. They forgot that nature could be gentle and loving but wronged — it would rage and revolt. That it all was a cycle, not created by them, but you. They forgot your strength, your perseverance.

They didn’t realize that you can’t beat that which gave birth to itself, and everything else. That everything known and strived and killed for was your creation. That the very fruit eaten, and the wars waged for love and land, was your power. You were the earth they stepped on.

They won the battle. But as they feared and worshipped you, you realized. That you, Gaia, had won the war.

– Anjali Bansal, Delhi Public School, Noida


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