Trigger Warning/Content Warning:
Mention of death/loss, and content entailing the current pandemic and general despair. Proceeding with due discretion is advised.

Here we are again,

Back to chugging dalgona coffees

And baking banana bread,

Served with a side of dread.


No going out for months again,

Even if sanity bids adieu.

Stay inside and mask up

For a third wave is also due.


This wave hits a little too close to home

For I see my whole country infected.

Loved ones struggling to breathe,

All I can do is pray and grieve.


People who were nothing but angels

Lost their lives to this monstrosity.

I don’t even know what to say anymore

I am emotionally exhausted to my core.


There I was hoping,

That this year would be better.

Dreamt of meeting friends,

But that’s not what this virus intends.


I’ve tried embracing it,

I’ve tried opposing it.

I’ve even tried ignoring it,

But now I just don’t feel like trying anymore.


– Samiksha Dubey, Amity International School, Noida


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