What The Bleeep launched its first episode on November 15 and began its journey to bring a change.

Mumbai, November 24th, 2020: ‘What The Bleeep’ is a brand-new YouTube channel created by the students of NMIMS School of Branding and Advertising. The team working on it has set out on a mission to change the societal perception of youngsters worldwide through snappy songs, authentic news, mind-boggling discussions, and captivating visuals. Thus, bringing an out of common angle to media and entertainment. The first episode aired on November 15. The creators centred the episode around ‘Sex and Relationships’. They aimed at lifting the blanket of shyness and shame that surrounds the subject.

The episode had three segments. The first segment presented an open discussion between a handful of teenagers who talked about their experiences from past relationships. An upbeat song was wrapped into their next segment that instantly updated the audience about news from all over. Their third segment featured Janice Sequeira, an anchor, host, media strategist, and content creator, wherein they interviewed her. The conversation involved questions like, “How would you explain the birds and the bees to a child?”. A series of conversations throughout the twenty-minute episode brought light to topics often kept in the dark.

Reah Irani, mentor for the team said, “I could not be more excited and proud. Our vision as a school has always been to not just educate the students, but for them to show us how they have applied that education. And that is exactly what they have done. Through their ideas and creativity and sheer determination, they have given us a wonderful slice of life from the eyes of the youth, for the youth. And as they keep presenting their views on new and interesting topics, I am quite sure What The Bleeep will be a tremendously fun and informative watch for the young generation.”

The episode can be viewed using the following link:


To further engage the viewers, the channel started a campaign on their social media, titled – ‘#boothetaboo’ where they broke myths and stereotypes regarding the subject. They conducted a live online event which included a dating segment; ‘Catch Your Match’ followed by a stand-up comedy segment. Swati Sachdeva, a professional stand-up comedian, was invited to perform at the event. She gave a hilarious account of how the built stereotypes cause problems in our day-to-day lives.

The motive behind the episode and the campaign was to bring the audience a sense of comfort and confidence while discussing subjects like Sex and Relationships.

About us: 

What The Bleeep is a YouTube channel that exists to voice what the youth thinks, and presents news and entertainment for the youth in an unbiased, unfiltered, and engaging manner. We strive to create extraordinary content focusing on people, places, stories, and ideas that are transforming the world. We bring our viewers fascinating insights into the minds of GEN Z. Follow ‘What The Bleeep’ on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get daily updates and be a part of this initiative.

For more information, please contact:

Tanisha Aron | +91 8860988927 | whatthebleeep.wtb@gmail.com

– Team ‘What the Bleeep’, NMIMS School of Branding and Advertising, Mumbai

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