We are from a generation which thinks nothing wrong can happen to us. We believe all the wrongs have already been done and we know about them through history books, documentaries, news channels and whatnot.

The bubonic plague can’t hit us again, because apparently, the world is bereft of rats now!

Ebola doesn’t worry us because it’s in the past, isn’t it?

We refuse to accept the fact that we’re equally threatened! The people who got affected then were humans too and as per the latest scientific reports, we’re just as human as they were.

And now that something big has happened, some parts of the world aren’t taking this as a reality check but just like another thing which cannot affect them as if they’re immortal and immune to everything. The Apocalyptic COVID-19, of which the cause is still unknown, abruptly surfaced out of nowhere, and continues to take the world by storm! Humanity stands threatened and yet, people refuse to accept reality.

Being diagnosed with Coronavirus is not a sin! Being quarantined is not something to be ashamed of! Refusing to get yourself checked is a sin. Getting 14 others quarantined along with you is something to be ashamed of.

Hating on Corona since it messed up with your yearly plans, is not healthy for you at all. It’s a pandemic, not some amateur mafia that’s going to feel bad and retreat. This is our new reality, at least for the next few months. COVID is not about to slow down for us to catch up. It’s we who need to relax our pace and tag it from behind.

We’ve been asked to do a simple thing, a thing which we all desire and have always dreamt of, to stay at home and be at leisure. Then why are we finding it so difficult? Whenever we’re in offices or schools, we yearn to go back to our sweet havens, put our legs up and binge-watch our all-time favourites. But, now that we have been officially asked to do so, we feel suddenly unhinged and are constantly fishing for excuses to get out of the house! We never felt so concerned about the economy when we decided to sleep in! Why now?

Staying at home for a few weeks is not going to kill us. What is lurking in the streets most certainly will! You’re not just saving yourself by quarantining yourself, but a thousand more lives by not being just another link in the chain.

The biggest solution to our present problem lies in accepting our vulnerability and not taking this earth as our own personal utopia.


– Aditi Banerji, Amity International School, Noida


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