Delhi wasn’t just burning, it was screaming and begging for mercy.
Its feet soaked in gasoline, ashes substitute tickles.
With the spark of communalism and fascist narratives,
Politicians grinned as they set ablaze the heart of a billion souls.

Blocked from the outside and within with barriers and propaganda,
The city of harmony was caught between the slaughter of love,
The right to dissent snatched and a reign of anarchy instilled,
Oh, Delhi, I hope the history pages do justice to you like the courts couldn’t.

Soon, we’ll forget the screeches that echoed within the trapped city,
We’ll forget the women flooding the streets, demanding peace.
But, history will remember the wrath of the unjust.
And as the anarchy collapses, justice is to prevail.


– Tanishq Khurana, DPS RK Puram, New Delhi


Disclaimer: The featured image for this work of poetry is purely representative in nature and we do not claim it to be a true depiction of events that took place in Delhi from December 2019 to March 2020.


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