1. Eat food.
  2. Cook food/Learn how to cook food.
  3. Watch television (Don’t immediately direct yourself to news channels).
  4. Watch Netflix/Amazon Prime/Other streaming services.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Write a story/poem/others.
  7. Water the plants.
  8. Take care of your garden.
  9. Learn how to cut your hair.
  10. Start composting.
  11. Meditate. (You can choose to pray or attend online religious meetings too, if you feel like.)
  12. Focus on self-care – make yourself a new, fresher and more energetic routine.
  13. Feed the birds, feed other strays if you can, or play with your pet.
  14. Learn how to sew, learn how to iron clothes, and any other skills that may help you out. Master your skills in home science.
  15. Do the dishes, do laundry, clean up your house (try not to burden one person in the family).
  16. Paint/draw/discover your artsy skills.
  17. Organise the space around you, rejuvenate your senses.
  18. Learn a dance form.
  19. Exercise physically- do yoga, aerobics, work out- move around a little.
  20. Play video games.
  21. Play board games with your family.
  22. Create a new board game with your family.
  23. Solve puzzles like crosswords, piece puzzles and Rubik’s cubes – exercise your brain.
  24. Craft something with your hands – small swans made from origami sheets look pretty too.
  25. Text, call, or video call your friends.
  26. Learn a new language.
  27. Learn sign language.
  28. Learn braille.
  29. Learn the Morse code.
  30. Hone your skills in a subject you like.
  31. Do homework (if any).
  32. Study up your new textbook material (find it online if you don’t have it with you, head starts are always good).
  33. Sleep.
  34. Sing/Learn how to sing.
  35. Eat more.
  36. Think (Don’t overthink).
  37. Learn an instrument you have lying around your house/practice your music skills.
  38. Browse the internet, look at memes, comical videos, and watch your favourite channels – get your mind off of the present scenario.
  39. Talk with your family members, do the above activities with them.
  40. Improve your handwriting.
  41. Listen to your favourite music.
  42. Polish up your indoor hobbies/learn new ones.
  43. Learn or practice a skill you can have online, that may be useful later (for example, coding, graphic designing, etc.)
  44. Take some time out at night to stargaze – we may not get clearer skies again.
  45. Donate if you’re financially stable – every buck counts.
  46. Wash your hands before meals, and regularly every now and then.
  47. Ensure those going out to buy essentials are taking precautions- those volunteering to distribute them should be extra careful.
  48. Fact-check all the news you’re receiving, keep yourself correctly informed.
  49. Sign those petitions for free tests for COVID-19, projects for the provision of ventilators and supplies- not everyone can afford them.
  50. Challenge yourself, do things you may not have had time for previously. Step out of your comfort zone.
  51. Stay connected with those around you and away from you.
  52. Do none of these things––in fact, take some time to do nothing at all.


That’s it for today, folks! Stay home, stay safe, prepare for the worst, hope for the best- and remember, you’re not alone in this.


– Yashasvini Verma, Amity International School, Noida


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