Dear COVID-19,

We are quite aware that there is a slim chance that you get the time to read our letter, amidst your packed schedule. Mr Novel Coronavirus, more like Mr Noble Coronavirus, I am totally convinced of the fact that it is quite a tough and tedious task to enter a body, infect the entirety of it and transfer from one person to another in a nick of time, and then again carry on the same task thick and fast. Your precision is such that it takes two weeks, a whole of fourteen days to even find out your presence in the body. So, my primary question is––how do you manage to escape the sharp eyes of all the avant-garde devices of the twenty-first century, Mr Corona? Your meticulousness is undeniably sterling!

Mr Virus, be it Elvis Presley or John Kennedy, Lady Gaga or Rihanna, Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, Julia Roberts or Emma Watson- you have, possibly, run ahead each and every one of them in the race to achieve stardom. From kids to elderlies, from servants to car-washers, the entire populace has your renowned name on the tip of their tongues. Be it those who are the best-off or the worst off, all have kneeled before you. In fact, you are ahead of even Stalin or Hitler, in instilling a sense of fear among all, rendering a crisis perhaps worse than World War II. Your rage and dynamism are thrilling!

We are much obliged to you for aiding us to arrive at the hard-hitting realization that all the spearheads and vanguards we were till now proud of, simply aren’t enough. Yet another thing we are grateful for is how you have transformed the nature around us, the environment is flourishing freely outside as we, the humans are trapped, struggling indoors. Now, we surely get the hang of how highly it has cost us to restore the nature we have destroyed, for decades of infringement we have rendered to it. You have done what no one else could ever do––taught us a hard lesson, made us taste the bitter truth. You and only you could bring the much-awaited justice to nature.

However, we believe that it is extremely important to bring to your notice, that the uncountable fatalities, the shattering of the world economy, the starving condition of unpaid poor servants, the entire world pressing its mute button, all of this needs to stop. We are totally aware that your anger won’t cool down soon and that you have much devastation in mind after all that we have done, but all we can do is request you to come to a halt now. In return, we promise to mend our ways and adopt strategies that won’t hurt or cause the environment to complain in the future.

Yours Sincerely,
The Repenting World

– Ishani Singh, Amity International School, Noida


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