Stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic? Tired of listening to the depressing news all the time? Want some trivial entertainment to provide temporary relief from the dark and painful existence that has become our new normal? Well, you came to the right place!


As the coronavirus pandemic gets more serious, now is the time to practice social distancing. What is social distancing you ask?


I’ll put it very bluntly: it means Stay The F*ck Home. Basically what we introverts always do, and what extroverts look at introverts doing and say, “How sad is your life.” (Haha, the jokes on you as the world is crumbling and we struggle to survive!)




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So here is my attempt to give you some temporary happiness in this dystopian dream that we all want to wake up from. The list contains 30 of the best things you could watch right now, according to me. Obviously, it’s my opinion and my article so don’t comment saying, “Why isn’t this film/show here!!!”.


TV Shows – Netflix


Bojack Horseman

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Bojack Horseman follows the story of a horseman named Bojack, (I know right, what a shocker!) a celebrity of yesteryears trying to come to terms with his current life. The show will sometimes make you laugh on a silly pun and at other times make you wonder what your purpose is in life.

Breaking Bad

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An old professor of chemistry decides to become a drug dealer. Is there anything else I can say that will make this more interesting?

Gilmore Girls

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This show, filled with fast-talking, snappy dialogue, is a roller coaster of feels––but at the end of each episode, it will still feel like a warm hug. The show also has some stellar performances by Alexes Blaudem and Lauren Graham.

Shark Tank

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Have you ever had a multi-billionaire dollar idea but just thought, eh the world doesn’t appreciate my genius enough? Or are you just an entrepreneur in the making? Watch Shark Tank and you will realise how tough it is and how you, probably, are not gonna be the next Bill Gates.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Four words. GINA LINETTI SPAGHETTI CONFETTI. If this didn’t make you smile, then move on with the list, you don’t deserve this glorious show.

Sex Education

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Hey there, Indian teen who never got the sex talk! This is a show which might just answer all your questions about the bees and birds, while simultaneously teaching you how to be more accepting of yourself and of others. It’s brilliant.

End of the F***ing world

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Honestly, I’ll say just watch this show for its magnificent soundtrack. But other reasons include a fast-paced storyline, amazing multi-layered characters, and mouth-watering cinematography.

Love, Death and Robots

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An animated anthology series about, well, love, death and robots, that in a lot of ways can make you go, “Hey, this is happening right now––is the robot uprising here?!” or make you go, “Huh?” There’s no in-between.

Delhi Crime

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This anxiety-inducing depiction of the Nirbhaya rape case that shook the country and the following search for the criminals by the Delhi Police will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout the show. The show also features an Oscar-worthy performance by Shefali Shah. A must-watch!

Little Things (Season 1 also on Youtube)

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Although this show is extremely sweet, watching it will most probably result in two emotions: 1) If you are single, you will want a relationship like Dhruv and Kavya’s and 2) If you are in a relationship you will want your relationship to be like Dhruv and Kavya’s.

Wild Wild Country

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This is actually a documentary series about the prevalent guru Osho, but the things that happen are so baffling, you’ll just think to yourself, “How is it not scripted!!”.

Love Sick

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Ever had to talk to your ex and relive the painful memories? Well, this is a show just about that. Beyond the amazing premise of a guy who has to contact all his exes because he has chlamydia, the show has an even bigger theme of relationships, dating, and love.


TV Shows – Amazon Prime


This Is Us

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This show is a definite tear-jerker as it follows a family in the present and the past. Warning: the above content will make you want to hug your family.

The Office

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One of the most iconic shows ever created. This is one of the few shows that can completely take your mind off whatever shitty thing is happening in your life at any point in time. (P.S. Don’t watch the last two seasons––they are awful.)

Family Man

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Ever saw James Bond and wondered what an Indian version would look like? Well, the mystery is solved with Family Man. While James Bond drives a smooth black Rolls Royce to catch his bad guys, our very own Indian 007 is a family man and chases villains the most Indian way possible, on a scooter.


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A guy wants to die, but can’t. That’s what this show seems to be on the surface. But once you take a deep dive into the black comedy, you realise how it is so so much more.

Made In Heaven

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A dark and twisted world of marriages, filled with only people who keep turning on each other, is the only way to describe Zoya Akhtar’s masterpiece of a show. The characters are stitched so perfectly you might start to think Zoya Akhtar is the God, sitting in heaven, matching human complexity with emotion.

Man In The High Castle

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An alternate history show, which shows us what could have happened if the Axis powers would have won the second World War.


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Before watching Suits I never thought the law could be this interesting. I don’t think it actually is anything like how they make it seem in the show, but if being a lawyer is being even one-tenth of what Harvey Specter is, I’m giving the CLAT exam (which will most probably be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, giving me more time to study for it).


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Think alcohol is fun? ‘Mom’ is here to show you how alcoholism surely isn’t. Watch this show which follows the journey of a mother-daughter duo as they try to get out of their addiction and make lives better for themselves and each other.


Movies – Netflix


The Lunchbox

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The Lunchbox shows us, in a lot of ways, what love truly is. It captures how love is beyond the posts we put up on Instagram, the nicknames we give each other and how sometimes love can happen, just over a lunchbox.


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A story about hope. This also falls into the category of movies which are, “So surreal, how can it be real”. A piece of advice, keep tissues next to you while you watch this one.

The Big Short

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This snappy, rocket of a film uncovers how some people managed to make money in the 2008 financial crisis. The movie manages to highlight the ugly, primal emotion present in all of us humans: greed.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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This is a heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of memories. Memories of the ones we think we hate and want out of our systems, only to realise that the brain can sometimes mask what the heart truly wants.

Before Sunrise

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If you end up booking a train in Europe after watching this (at least don’t do it right now) then I am not giving you any compensation for it. This film will make you want to meet a stranger and just get lost in the day and in them.


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A suspense thriller filled with twists and turns showing us the ugly side of humanity. You will never open a box the same way after watching this.

Revolutionary Road

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Saw Titanic and loved Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s iconic portrait of the star-crossed lovers, Jack and Rose? Watch Revolutionary Road to see them both portraying a pair of lovers who’re the complete opposite of Jack and Rose.


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Were you absolutely terrified of Joaquin Phoenix after seeing the Joker? Now feel absolutely sad for him after watching Her. Here, he gives another outstanding performance as a man who falls in love with his operating system.

Lady Bird

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Another mother-daughter relationship shown beautifully, which makes all us teenagers relate to the rebellious, fast-talking Lady Bird.



Movies – Amazon Prime



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Food-lovers, this one is for you. This movie is exactly like your favourite comfort food, easy to digest, amazing and can be consumed repeatedly.

The Wolf of Wall Street

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In Wall Street, Michael Douglas said the iconic line, “Greed is good,” which eventually led to his downfall. On the other hand in The Wolf of Wall Street, watch what excess and greed can truly do to a person.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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By the end of this movie you will either go, “Holy shit, this is the best film ever made!” or “Holy shit, what did I just watch?” Either way, you will be entertained throughout.


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