They try to make the audience laugh,

Some laugh, some don’t

Some understand, some don’t

Satirical comedy is the name

The new-age humour

It’s called ‘Stand-up comedy’

Jibing, sneering, mocking, taunting

The subject in question

The speaker moves on from one subject to the other

Changing targets frequently

Wisecracks, memes and jokes

Sometimes drawn from their own experiences

Aimed at their own self, or their near and dear one

Occasionally poking fun at the better well-known

Politicians, film personalities, no one is spared

More often than not, hitting below the belt

Eliciting laughs from the audience in the mood for levity

Spot-lighting the truth in a flippant way

Has humour changed over the ages?

I think not

The methodology is the same, so is the satire

From Surinder Sharma to the likes of Amit Tandon

The players are different

But the intention is the same.

The only difference is the advent of social media

Where the reach is multi-times-over

It’s called ‘Stand-up comedy’ – The New age Humor


– Ananya Yadav, Amity International School, Noida

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