Q: What did one mitten say to the other?

A: I ‘glove’ you.


Q: How did Alexander The Great manage to win all his battles?

A: He had many sleepless ‘knights’.


Today a clown held a door open for me. What a nice ‘jester’!


Q: How did the tall, bald guy get into the rickshaw?

A: Automatically (Auto-mein-takli).


Q: What sound does the T-Rex make at night?

A: A Dino-snore.


Shout out to any person who asks what the opposite of “in” is.


Q: Why does Dwayne Johnson’s ice-cream always melt?

A: Because he’s hot.


Q: What species is a dog who can lift a hammer?

A: A Labra-Thor.


Q: What would you call an under-weight Bruce Banner?

A: Hulk-a.


– Saara Mathur, Amity International School, Noida

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