“GET UP!” yelled my mom, my home’s alarm clock,

for the hundredth time in my ears,

and I sprung up from bed,

like a car put into gears.


Banging into chairs and the almirah

I was finally in the bathing room

But the person in front of me left me startled…


The eyes were sleepy,

And mouth shaped like a curve,

the smiling face,

was getting on my nerves.


I had seen that boy last night,

acting like a laugh-a-holic;


He laughed at nasty comments

and jokes that made no sense-


It was just like someone fixed a grin on his face,

and he could not get it off,

and he laughed just for the sake of it,

just to show his nasty grin…


But then this sudden and queer thought wriggled in my mind-


He used to be a person with no emotion,

and a blank, lifeless expression.


but if the dampness in his eyes could be turned into a smile.

If his cold voice could transform into a bell with ringing chime,

if he could tinkle with laughter with his friends,

then what’s the harm?


And then as my mother yelled again,

I stared at my own two eyes in the mirror,

I stared at the person who had the time of his life the previous night

I stared at my smiling face and thought,


“A smile for a smile and a grin for a grin

makes this World a happier place to live.”


– Asmi Aggarwal, Amity International School, Noida


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