We always relate falling to a loss–– a sentimental transition, a period of distress.

It’s all because we see ‘falling’ for its objectivity, disregarding its subjective nature. Personally, I believe that we’re all falling––falling to reach the end.

As we grow older, our innocence gradually fades away; we might lose our creativity, our ideals, our hopes and at times, the ones we love, which leaves us in great sorrow. If we are to turn things upside down, we will realize that in the end, everything fades away. We are gradually approaching our last moment. For we are but objects under the influence of gravity (time), only here to fall for an extended period of time (the life we live) to reach the surface (last day of our life).

It’s how we fall, how we see the sky, the vast sea of memories which have passed by, that defines our lives. With grace, or with pace–– rushing forever, never stopping to pause and wonder, and continuously working. You see now, we all fall in life.

Life is all about falling; how we look at our fall and accept it allows us to truly live it, learn from it, and move on to better things.

If you have people who will stick alongside you till the end of the line, stick with them. If you have people pushing you and causing you to accelerate or retard in life, then do so with grace and valour.

So, to fall can also mean to rise in the opposite direction–– it’s just that your sign convention might differ from others.


~Vaishant Thakur, Grade 11, Amity International School, Noida


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