Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll take you all,

through the blue tale of fall.

A long-time back,

I came across a leaf on my track.

It yelled, “Watch out, please!”

But in a second, its cry came to cease.

For it was beneath my shoes,

And all hell had broken loose.

I lifted the leaf that was no more,

whose soul was ready to soar.

Guilt had taken over me,

and I wanted to cry a sea.

With a broken heart, I caressed the leaf,

and decided to smother fires of my grief.

I told myself not to weep,

and sang the leaf to an infinite sleep.

For the leaf who once stood tall,

I began the “song of fall”:

“Hues of yellow rustle under my feet,

The crimson red whispers secrets to me.

A golden leaf streaks the sky,

With its tree, it breaks all ties.

Waltzing with the breeze,

it finally falls to freeze.

Twirling down to my feet,

it gently greets the streets.

The carpet is a picturesque red,

they say it’s the ‘month of the dead’.


-By Oorvi Gupta, Grade 11, Amity International School, Noida

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