He looked at her in all her glory
all long hair and bright eyes
And he thought, here’s a girl I could fall in love with.
But then she tied her hair up and closed her eyes
and let out the loudest scream he’d ever heard
And he thought, never mind.
He looked at her alone in a corner
with ripped jeans, surrounded by smoke
And he thought, here’s a girl who’s different, who’s rebellious.
But then she turned to the girl beside her, the one with the charred face
and kissed her soundly on the lips
And he thought, what a waste.
He looked at her as she danced to the beat
surrounded by light, music and energy
And he thought how beautiful she is, in those dress and heels
But a week later he found her in grey sweats and a stained top
with dark circles, elbows deep in textbooks
And he thought, maybe not.
He asked the old man why is it so
Why every woman he falls for, eventually falls in his eyes?
And the old man chokes on the laugh he tries to hide
“My foolish young boy, these women
weren’t created with you in mind.”
~Ishita Yadav, Grade 12, Amity International School, Noida

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