How often is it possible for all of us to close our eyes and not think about work, family, our loved one or any other matter? It all rests in our imagination, where we can actually close our eyes and feel the breeze touching our rosy faces just like they say in Bollywood films. Man has evolved gradually where each day he grows, learns and tries to fit in the crowd of thousands, and millions like him. He has always tried to make his life balanced but again, he fails at it terribly. There is always something inside him, a fire which gets ignited by a particular emotion–unconditional love, intense hatred, unbearable panic and much more– which is what makes him think and realize that his life is different from the ordinary ones his peers are leading.

These forms of extremities, where man feels an immense passion for his beloved one on the one hand and a deep hatred for someone else on the other, are what keep him going. They keep him wondering about which side to choose, as there are situations where he experiences conflict and goes insane. Acid attackers certainly belong to this category, where their conflict never gets resolved and they tend to hurt someone. So do husbands who come home drunk and irrationally enraged, lodging in their wives’ hearts the undying fear of being hit, which leaves her suppressed, depressed, and terrified. Such extreme forms of emotions, which bring the worst out of people, are never desirable.

Man has explored various sentiments, all of which make his mind chaotic when he has to face a particular situation. He gets stuck in these emotions, the societal code of conduct, and himself. But some or the other emotion overpowers all other emotions or thoughts, making him act the way he does. There is never a surety as to which emotion will prevail and thus he tends to harm others along the way.

Why do we act the way we do? Each day, we might think of this question at some point when sitting idle, but we never linger on it long enough. For it leads us to introspect and realize that we have hurt a lot of our beloved ones because of our extremities. That day isn’t far when man would desire to live life the way he used to live a hundred or a thousand years ago. Man is just being dragged further and further, carrying around a baggage of his mistakes and the consequences of his extreme desires and actions.


-Romita Handa, Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana


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