Does it ever seem that everyone around you is having an easier time adjusting to life than you are? Do you ever feel that you have much more adversity in your life than others do? Do you ever begin to feel sorry for yourself and wonder why everything wrong happens to only you? Now, these questions have plagued my mind for far too long until I realised love to be a redeemer.

Have you ever been in love? 

You must have had crushes in your teenage years, right? But don’t you worry, there are plenty of goofballs like you and me who’re infatuated with the idea of ‘True Love.’ There were times when everyone was afraid of speaking those three magical words to anyone, whereas now, this gram generation has made it even simpler- “ILY”.

By now, you may have made perceptions about me— heartbroken, sappy, lovesick. Unfortunately, I have philophobia, the fear of falling in love— but this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in love! I love how quickly it can change our mood. From being so secluded and depressed to feeling bliss even in solitude. What you won’t believe is, the other day I saw a pretty girl smiling cheerfully to the mirror and sending happy Snapchat streaks to people and guess what? It was me! Sometimes, we ask people how their day went just so they ask us back and we can sigh and say, “Never better”. It makes us want to read those lovely ‘good morning’ texts. 

But what comes along with it, is the crazy side where everything is just…BONKERS! When our partner is not the first one to text “heyyy”, we feel what if we’ve done something wrong. What if they are busy texting some other special one? Or the worst-case scenario, what if all the fuss is because of you leaving comments with fewer hearts on their post? 

Guys, however dramatic or cheesy this may seem, this is something most of have been going through. According to science, a person, whether a teen or middle-aged, can feel exuberance to such an extent that it can make them anxious. Isn’t that something? Love releases a feel-good chemical and no matter if the person is two streets or two countries away, we can put anything on the line, while on the road to addiction. On the other hand, we start to lacking focus, experience a decline in our own health, and lose our trust, not only in other people but also in ourselves. 

Now, obviously, our triumph is too much for life to digest, so suffering and heartbreak follow. People say that after heartbreak, we become numb, weak and quiet but what no one ever says is that we also become wiser and stronger. We become afraid to let anyone in ever again. For what could be a better replacement for over-reliant attachment than a complete lack of intimacy? Love is, indeed, a gamble between extremes. 


-Geet Monga, Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana


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