Cultures call for seizing the day, yet with all our unique movement caged in an aviary, it may be difficult to still overcome the interludes of perpetual possibilities. Such is the call of the mild, that the contempt descends from seventh heaven till six feet under, from the embryonic starting till the cemetery goodbye, the distant recalls that lull to sleep in the days that lapse between the extremities of life, existence, survival are the medium of all function. Consequently, to celebrate the eternal darkness, we must succumb to the wounds, to cherish the evermore truth in the days afar a promise, we have to ride through the whirring and shaking, while anticipating and waiting for the arrival of purpose. Why moderation? What kind of substantiation does moderation gift? Do we look for it in magazines, is it wavering on the movie screen? 

In one of the two foremost Orwellian works; 1984, the constitution of time is an extension of modern limit and boundary dictated through the eyes of Big Brother, a constant pseudo presence in every aspect of life, right from the diet and exercise to clothes and even cognition. The whole purpose of Big Brother and the life of every citizen was moderation. Of course, the independent yearnings of an individual can’t be reigned upon by chains. In the course the protagonist struggles to control his desire; there has to be an escape through his trench of narrative blackness.  This is an exhibition of radical capabilities that vividly drags the grief of restricted regret across the sight, to tear all illusion and direct the head to the lucidity of bright minds.

In the rarity of a familiar tomorrow, we defeat the consistency of murky, twisty friends that are thoughts. The human mind veils and prevails over the moderateness often, our urges are held in the hands to be released, yet later they are thieved of its inspiration and originality. The abhorrence of unoriginality craves a cradle to drown in sorrow the edges of genuine tomorrows, to fondle the warmth of newness, pressed against the greatcoat of greatness, with wishes to be present in pleasant frequencies. With convention comes all the right phases of traditions, with unconventional concepts comes the thrill and the rush that keeps us lushly alive. 


-Savyasachi Singh, Amity International School, Noida

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