Glanced the lioness through her tears,
Were her insecurities her real fears?
She deepened the gaze in her tears;
Realising her looks were so fierce.

No wounds deep enough to obstruct her way,
She brought to herself a hopeful ray.

As they stalk along the way,
Over the green pasture and golden hay,
With their glinting eyes full of pride,
And their world so vivid and wide.

Born to lead and to succeed,
With great power to prosper, indeed.
Born to justify their might,
And to always fight for the right.

Their beauty and majesty,
As if it is a mystery,
As they move with courage and strength,
Roaring to conquer even wide.

To seek protection for their kingdom,
Leading through ages with fearlessness and wisdom.
Treasuring the quality to stand up bravely against the foe,
Forcing even the royal kins to bow.

      – Zaerah Iqbal


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