I’m sure everyone has heard of Stephen Hawking’s Theory that there are alternate universes designed as per every decision made. If you imagine the application of that theory, you realise that each decision of your life makes you who you are and changes your life forever. No matter at what scale, you get affected. Now, is this limited to you, a nexus whose decisions made affect a plethora of alternate realities? Perhaps such decisions of different people coincide in the same world. 

I sometimes sit and wonder, that after a few close calls with death, maybe I am living a mirage or hallucinatory state, perhaps in a coma, living in my imagination, that maybe I actually died. You never know what is real. What if you died in one reality, and where you currently exist is the other branch of reality, shooting up to a different path? We all have made a lot of wrong decisions in our lives that we regret, and would change them if given the chance. 

Imagine a reality where that didn’t happen? You’re just living without the regret. 

Is it worth it though? 

You won’t learn anything from the experience because it never happened in another world. A part of you is gone. Imagine if multiple decisions are reversed, piling one on top of the other, erasing all your regrets. Would you be a completely different person? 

It is the harmful decisions that often change our path towards a better direction because we learn what hurt us or how we have hurt others. Perhaps, our reality that we currently live in, is the best preferred. 

But then again, imagine the endless realities!

 The World War never happened. 

Adolf Hitler loved Jews. 

Hey, maybe, the Avengers exist. 

Maybe we’re all just in some sort of stasis, put there a long time ago. We could be in coma induced states, living within fake fabrications of reality in our heads. Maybe we can’t perceive reality, and actually see, hear, and feel something else than what it actually is. For instance, you’re thinking you’re safe in your room when instead you’re probably in school- your brain chose to show you that image as it couldn’t comprehend reality. 

These are just a bunch of crazy thoughts that make me doubt reality a lot. Maybe a single stray thought shoots off some sort of idea for a reality, and boom!… it’s created. In the end, how sure are we of what is real and what is not?


~Mudit Saklani, Class-12, Amity International School, Noida


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