Looked out of the window one late night,
Just to see smoke fill the sky,
This imagery of this nation put me in thought,
Is there more to this than what meets the eye?

We say too much but do too little,
Minds of the innocent for you to riddle.
Fight on religion and fight on caste,
Shame the child who grew up too fast?

Treating one gender superior to the others,
Forgetting that in the end, we’re all sisters and brothers.
Tyranny everywhere destroying the love,
People want peace but they’ve vanquished the doves.

Till when can they be stone pelters?
The youth’s running out of patience.
Till when will they survive without shelter,
And without proper education?

At this time, when radical views are trampled by might,
In this darkness, it’s up to us to be the light.
What I want to say,
Is that we’ll see better days.

Growth is based on our choices,
For the right thing, we must raise our voices.
Be selfless and spread love,
The underprivileged we must serve.

We’re all equal,
We’re all creations,
And it’s up to us to lift this great nation.


~ Yashasvi Mohan, Amity International School, Noida 


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