A gift from heavens was bestowed upon her,

A line of immense gratitude on her face, as the little angel began to stir.

With great care, she clutched her bundle of joy close to her soul,

As she realized, that the little one had made her life completely whole.

Eyes made of innocence, heart composed of gold,

It was the greatest delight, any mother could ever hold.

Hands that wanted protection, soul that cried for adore,

Its cuteness was such that no one could ignore.


Even its little squeals of enthral brought clusters of pleasure to her,

Even a little pain to it, made her tears occur.

Its arrival had made her home, a garden of bliss,

With every worry, tension, and sadness to dismiss.

It was a joy for hers to keep forever,

But has time stopped for anyone ever?

Up the little angel grew, too large for her to caress.

To go out in the huge world and achieve numerous success.

While it spent its days working and making its life,

She just wished to cherish those memories of past in more rife.

While her gift from God eventually forgot her and engaged in its life to soar,

She sat back dying, with her hands aching for those moments to be hers once more.


~ Suhanee Ranjan, Amity International School, Noida 


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