Hatred is spilled out in screaming brutal red
Guns are wielded meaninglessly, terror is spread
Even mind-numbing violence fails to make some realise
That satisfaction never lies in the bodies of the dead.

The empire called the world isn’t ruled by a few
and others have the right to be themselves too
But in their land, peace has no place; as the reign
is one of anger: all-consuming, coursing through veins.

Because of a few the world is a sad, scared place
Where selfish motives are acted on, but their consequences
are never thought of, and might never even matter or faze
these creatures called humans, who kill their own race.

When you live in a society that needs guns for self-defence
it speaks volumes about the state of the human conscience
Love is no longer natural, it has to be preached and taught
Hatred is second-nature; even for peace a war is fought.

In the aftermath we sit silent, close our eyes and pray
Share thoughts and sympathies; and soon comes another day
Another war, another crime, yet another act of hatred –
We may pride our colours but their favourite is always red.


On June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed and 53 others were wounded in a terrorist attack inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States. LGBT people are highly likely to be targets of hate crimes all over the world, more than any other minority group. They are also more likely to commit suicide. These cases often go unreported or misreported, especially in India. 


~Ananya Grover, Amity International School Noida


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