Looks like you forgot to recognise me today, your eyes are probably covered with the communalist cancer;

I lay birth to the fire of the world, the leaders of today, your corporate giants, mesmerising musicians and the cream of dancers.

I stand here in front of you today, with this “Samvidhan” in my burnt hands,
Its pages ripped out spreading from the ice to the water and from the seven sisters to the sand.

I still picture the days I used to fly in the cape that I still wear today but now I cannot even fathom lifting my roots even an inch above the land.

I heard you talk about my 72 years of freedom a few days back. Funny how I am still being choked every day with a different pair of hands.

They took the gold and all that could’ve made you proud but how do you expect me to sleep at night when my daughter is not safe and sound?

I wish you would be merciful enough to provide Rotis to your guardians at least but no, that small mark on your finger just helps another illiterate greedy beast.

Still don’t recognise my cries and my vermillion eyes? I am your mother, your mother India and I need my children now, more than ever.


~Tanishq Khurana, DPS RK Puram, New Delhi 



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