I can’t go through personally and believe what the LGBTQ+ community have gone through.

Many people doubt or question their attraction to people of their own sex– Is it unnatural?


It isn’t.

It isn’t as uncommon as we think it to be either. It’s always been there, just hidden, shunned away from society.

It is simply a self-perceived notion of the ignorant part of society that a male must be attracted towards females and vice versa. And that part of society, which unfortunately is quite prominent, is stuck in this notion like a caged bird. Accepting such things that are illogically repressed has allowed humanity to introspect and lead itself to development. It is important to see what is actually happening to let go of old stereotypes, to accept what is here and now, and to embrace it as a normal part of society in order to move forward towards progress.

People who deviate from the traditional norms of gender and sexuality are not allowed to be who they actually are, freely and openly, with pride and dignity. It is truly disgusting how they have to live in fear of being known for what they are. It is inhumane. They are suffocated on the inside, thinking they have to be ashamed for who they are, what they want to be and instead follow what the ignorant part of society ‘deems’ them to be.

Consider a situation where the child wants to grow up and be something it wants to be but instead is told – “Be an engineer”, “Be a doctor”. Homophobia is similar but much worse, for LGBTQ+ people often cannot choose their identity or attraction. They can only be compelled to conceal it, leaving them unable to authentically express their gender identity or find true love throughout their lifetime.

Has humanity fallen so low as to completely neglect them for who they are?

Think about it.

~ Mudit Saklani, Amity International School, Noida


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