A theme that meant that anyone could write whatever they wanted to. They could choose their own topic. But, when I sat down to write, I could only think of one thing…


“Wait, hold up”, you’re thinking, “from where does a crêpe fit the theme Melange?!” Well, you see, each memory is associated with one or more of the five senses. Think: each and every memory of yours is somehow connected to either a smell, or a sound, or an image, perhaps all of these. For me, the word ‘Melange’ is associated with a random bit of memory about crêpes.

Okay, this might seem weird at first. My friends thought so too– when I first told them about it, they thought I was crazy. That was until I told them the reasoning behind it and when they knew what I was getting at, they associated with it as well. Most of you won’t get it, but some of you will…It’s related to a chapter in 7th grade French.


When I was studying French in 7th grade, there was a chapter where they taught us how to write a recipe en francais. When you were writing down the method, every other line featured the words ‘melangez-bien’. Melange, when used as a verb, means ‘to mix’, and together the phrase ‘melangez-bien’ translates to ‘mix well.’ It was basically one of those recipes where you’re supposed to keep mixing, and mixing, and mixing ingredients together. Annoying, right? Well, it was useful for us because we had to memorise fewer french phrases to score marks!

So, I guess that kind of stuck with me. (If you were waiting for real substance or meaning to this article, congratulations, you just fooled yourself into reading the entire thing. Honestly, I just felt like sharing this weird thought-process of mine with the world.)

Now, cool down your frustrations at the lack of substance in this article by looking at this picture of some crêpes:

Doesn’t look that great?

Not enough? Here’s another one:

Wow Rimjhim, that’s a rather pretty dosa.

Looks good, but you know what would be even better?!?!


Wait now it’s like strawberry roll? What


P.S. I’m sure Buzzfeed India will hire me after reading this.

~Rimjhim Sayana, AIS Noida

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