I have always been keen to go on a study tour with my schoolmates. One day, the perfect opportunity arose in the form of AIMUN Singapore. We were all supposed to go as delegates representing various countries and participate in AIMUN Singapore. It was a cloned version of the United Nations and highlighted on the problems faced by countries and how the other fellow nations could help by various means.

At first, it sounded like a pleasure trip with friends but as we started to go deep into our understanding of the subject and country’s affairs it felt like an absolutely new world. It was fascinating to read about various aspects of so many problems the world is facing. When started to develop a sense of belonging for the country we were allocated, we began feeling about it as a country of our own with their problems being ours in no time.

But it was still fun to be with friends in an international country and a private hotel without the guiding help of our parents. It brought all of us out of our comfort zones and we had to take on a lot of new experiences from handling documents at the airport, flights, sharing a room with a schoolmate, managing luggage, planning ahead, getting up early, to be ready in time for breakfast and bus departures. Suddenly it felt like being thrown into the deep end of the pool where everyone is responsible for his/her own actions. We all came out swimming to safety and each one of us felt like they had evolved into a better person.

~Aditya Sahdev, 9th class, Amity International School Noida 


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